Since 2006 ECP acts as coordinator of the Safer Internet Centre in the Netherlands, together with the other SIC-partners Expertisebureau Online Kindermisbruik (helpline and hotline-function) and networking organisation The SIC is co-funded by the European Commission (Better internet for Kids programma, DG Connect) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Klimate, the Ministry of Justice and Safety, and the Ministry of Education.

Youth has the future

For kids and teens nowadays, the digital world is a fully integrated part of their life. To help them to benefit from all the opportunities this digital world has to offer in a safe and responsible way we focus on the combination of e-skills, empowerment and safety. Minors can’t be held fully responsible to gain the right digital skills and make sure their online environment is safe and secure. It is important to create a broad national and international public private partnership to take this responsibility in creating a better internet for kids.


To achieve her goals the SIC works together with government, industry and NGO’s. On a European level we share knowledge and best pratices within the networks of Insafe and Inhope, in which more than 30 Safer Internet Centres are participating. The SIC’s also work together with the Alliance to better protect minors online that was initiated by the European Commission, and with the ICT-Coalition.

White Paper

We made a white paper with more information about the Dutch Safer Internet Centre, its coalition partners, success stories and joint activities. You can download it here.